Toby Ricketts


Since moving to New Zealand from the UK in 1994, I have worked for several large media organisations, owned my own recording studio, won several awards for my work but my passion has always been photography and film-making. 

Everyone who owns a camera is not a cameraperson, much as everyone who owns a Stanley knife is not a surgeon. Like any specialist, I have devoted my life to my craft.

My clients include Frucor, Phoenix, and Mediaworks. I have worked with musicians such as Six60, Tahuna Breaks, and Ruby Frost. My style of photography, videos and film making has been honed using the new cutting edge of DSLR cinema.

With this in mind, I offer a turnaround that is incredibly fast, reasonably priced and produced to a high standard. 

Moving pictures don’t just move frame by frame, they are also meant to move people. Still pictures aren’t really still as the good ones stir thoughts and emotions. 

Capture minds. Win hearts. I’d love to show you what your world looks like through my lens. 



Toby on Te Mata.jpg