Tokyo - Big, busy and beautiful

I recently came back from an 8-day long video shoot in Tokyo Japan. 

I was following a high-end food tour at some of Tokyo's best restaurants including; Quintessence, Mizutani Sushi, Takazawa, and Den.

The hard thing about shooting a tour like this is getting good audio in often loud and unpredictable environment. The Sony UWP kit does a great job, but that's only if there is one person talking and you know who it is! The Rode Videomic Pro was a better choice often as it captures audio from right in front of the camera, or at least gives you better audio so that you have a better chance of improving it in audio-post.

The other factor is the etiquette of the place. While sitting in a restaurant it is tricky to be in a formal, strict environment, but get your camera out for every course of a degustation! In some places we were banned from filming, such as Mizutani Sushi where the focus is just on environment and so the camera ruins that - not so great for covering a food-tour with video though!

We were at Shibuya station for Halloween in what was perhaps the craziest part of the tour where we met these crazy people...

Posted on December 3, 2013 .